JGGApi - Gadu-Gadu protocol implementation.

JGGApi is a Gadu-Gadu protocol implementation based on specification from EKG. Gadu-Gadu is a very famous Instant Messanger in Poland.

Thanks to the libary it is very easy to create applications that communicate with Gadu-Gadu server. It uses commonly used design patterns (GoF) that minimizie the learnining curve for developers. It has a good internal design and realizes a paradigm of programming - programming by extension. What is more, it will help developers that are going to write applications similar to Kadu, Gaim or command-line EKG to fasten their development process.

if you want to start using library and learn how to use it, it is suggested that you take a look at our Getting Started guide.



The JGGApi-1.6 allows:
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Retrieve confirmation of message delivery.
  • Export and import of user's buddy list (contact list).
  • Set own status which may include description and return date.
  • Monitor statuses of users from buddy list.
  • Add unwanted and nasty users to banned list.
  • Read and write personal information to and from public directory.
  • Search public directory given user defined criteria.
  • Register and unregister Gadu-Gadu account.
  • Change account's password.
  • Send forgotten password by e-mail.

Known Bugs and Limitations

  • Write support for larger contact lists. Current implementation is limited to contact lists that are not more than 2048 bytes long.
  • Add ability to send larger notify lists, i.e. list that is send at the beginning to notify Gadu-Gadu server what users we want to monitor.

Planned Features

  • Secured connections (SSL) support.
  • Era Omnix discovery.
  • Send and receive messages in Rich Text Format.
  • Send and receive files and images.
  • DCC connections: send and receive messages in RTF, files and images.